The El Segundo Police Department has cancelled all Police Department community outreach events until further notice. The action is taken as a precaution to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The City of El Segundo continues to cooperate with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and the El Segundo Unified School District to respond to the spread of the novel coronavirus in Los Angeles County. Click here for additional information, resources and full list of facilities closures and classes, activities and events cancellations.  

Neighborhood Watch

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Start Neighborhood Watch On Your Block!

While many residents believe “nothing ever happens in El Segundo,” it does. And with the economy struggling, some experts say crime is likely to increase. Since there can’t be a law enforcement officer on every corner, citizen involvement is crucial to combat crime. You can help fight crime in our community in the most effective way - before it begins.

Neighborhood Watch groups look out for each other and their neighborhood, and they act as an extra set of eyes and ears for the police department. The National Crime Prevention Councils says Watch groups have helped reduce crime in some communities by as much as 50%.

The El Segundo Neighborhood Watch Program begins with two
core meetings:

  1.  Introduction to Neighborhood Watch/Meet Your Police informs residents on what Neighborhood Watch is, reporting suspicious activity, about the El Segundo Police Department, crime trends and statistics, and what makes your neighborhood vulnerable. An officer who patrols your area will be available to answer questions and hear concerns.
  2. Home Security/Designing Out Crime and Personal Safety informs residents on easily implemented methods of “designing out crime,” also known as crime prevention through environmental design. In addition, you will learn how to avoid becoming a victim during your daily routine.

 Starting Your Neighborhood Watch Program‰

  • Define the number of homes you want in your block watch and find a place to hold the meeting.Meetings can be held in a home, backyard, garage, recreation room or common area, and typically last approximately 90 minutes.‰
  • Call El Segundo Police Department’s Crime Prevention Analyst Amy McDaniel at (310) 524-2274 to schedule your meeting date. If you’ve already had the first core meeting, you’re ready for the second one! Once the core meetings have been completed, groups are encouraged to have at least one or two meetings a year to be an official Watch group. There are other topics that can be discussed at future meetings such as identity theft, traffic enforcement, narcotics, crime scene investigation, and K-9 operations.
  • Meeting flyers will be distributed for you two weeks prior to the Neighborhood Watch meeting.