Mission and Goals

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The El Segundo Police Department strives to be recognized as an organization that provides unparalleled service through professionalism, training, innovation, and partnership with the community.


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure community while treating all people with dignity and respect.


We will keep our values at the forefront of every contact with the public and with each other.


We RISE to the challenge of the following common values:

Respect - We value all people and treat all people with respect, sensitivity, compassion, and understanding.

Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are accountable for our actions both personally and as an organization.

Service - We value the community we serve; and meeting their needs while working together to build channels of communication. We do this by being personally involved in our community, fostering a team effort among ourselves and those we serve, and working cooperatively together in an effort to identify and resolve problems.

Excellence - We are committed to and pride ourselves in our personal and organizational excellence and professionalism; acting responsibly and carrying out our duties through innovative approaches with competence and efficiency.